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You surely know that gates need good maintenance and are important for your home's security, but do you know how to take care of them? The following tips won't only help you deal with common gate issues, but will also enlighten you on various matters regarding gates and help you make some very serious decisions

Get the right motor for your gate

There are variations among residential gate openers and their motors and you should choose according to your personal needs, but primarily by taking into consideration the weight and overall size of your gate. In order for the motor to activate gate movement, it must have equivalent power with the gate's weight. If not, the gate will move with difficulty and, according to our specialists, the motor will be quickly damaged.

Make sure the gate opens well before getting the car out

Often the gate fails to open all the way. This might happen when there is an obstruction on the driveway gate track or if there is something wrong with the opener's reverse system. In the latter case, the gate might close back. If you are driving through at that time and the sensors do not work correctly, your car might get crushed. So, make sure the gate opens fully and remains open before passing through.

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