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Do you find gates really complex systems and that you can't really understand certain things about them? Do you have questions about their maintenance and wondering what to do in order to solve common problems? Find here below the answers to the most frequently asked gate related questions

Do yourself the favor of scrolling down and taking a look at the following frequently asked questions about gates. Check out the answers and see if you get answers to your own questions. They are simply written and they can help you deal with several issues regarding your gate and its parts

Why didn't the backup battery work when the power was out?

The backup battery of your residential gate opener doesn't last for a lifetime, but only for a few years. If it's kind of old, our specialists suggest having it replaced. If it's relatively new, it probably wasn't charged properly. This should also be checked so that you won't have to deal with similar problems in the future. It's also wise to disconnect the opener once in a while and move the gate with the battery

Why does my gate move with some difficulty?

There could be several reasons for gates not moving with ease. If you have swing gates, check that the hinges are okay. If you have installed wheels, make sure there aren’t any obstructions in the way. For sliding gates, check the track and the rollers. Sometimes, the problem can come from below. Tree roots grow and might push the concrete under the driveway gate track upwards. You will need to raise the gate a bit so that it will move okay.

What is the optimal gate height?

Most driveway gates designed for residential installation are 5 or 6 feet tall. This is sufficient to make it extremely difficult for a person to climb over. If you have a bigger driveway, want extra security or simply prefer a unit with a touch of grandeur, you can consider a taller model. There are gates which can be as tall as 8 and even 10 feet.

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