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The Risk of Gate Clicker Signal Interference

The Risk of Gate Clicker Signal Interference
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After a gate opener installation, life becomes easier. You simply need to push the button on the remote control and the gate will open and close automatically. But what if it starts working by itself without any prompts? This might be due to signal interference. Find out more about this phenomenon and how likely it is to occur.

Gate Receiver and Transmitter Operation Flaws

The Risk of Gate Clicker Signal InterferenceThe idea behind remote operation is simple. There is a transmitter inside the gate remote. It emits a signal, which the receiver captures. Then this signal is passed to the motor and the opener starts working to move the gate into the desired direction. In case of interference, the receiver will pick up signals from other devices and act upon them. What is the risk of something like this happening?

Most modern openers are designed to work at different frequencies with the most reliable frequency being picked automatically. This type of system helps to prevent surrounding devices such as microwaves, baby monitors and the neighbor's opener from causing interference. Given this, problems with the receiver and transmitter are highly unlikely to come from interference. In most cases, the receiver lacks power or is damaged. The antenna of the receiver may have failed as well. In all of these cases, you will require timely gate repair.

In areas close to military bases and flight paths, there are very strong radio signals transmitted over great distances. This poses a higher risk of signal interference even with a system designed for preventing this issue. Still, even in this case, mysterious gate opening is highly unlikely.

It is easy to check if the receiver works properly. You simply need to stand close to it and to press the button on the remote. If you hear a clicking sound, then the signal is accepted. In such cases, gate motor repair is most likely needed.

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